Showering Made Easy with Custom Special Needs Bath Chairs

showerhead Showering can be difficult or nearly impossible for those dealing with a disability. The ability to bathe without help is something that many Americans do not have, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. With a custom special needs bath chair from Custom Wheelchairs USA, you can bathe comfortably and easily again.

For Disabilities

Living with a disability is not easy, especially when it comes to bathing. If you struggle with limited mobility, it can be hard to perform this daily hygiene task unassisted. With a bath chair, you can enjoy showering with minimal help. This device makes the process safer and more comfortable.

For Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, your mobility may be limited, or you may not be able to stand in the shower for long periods of time. A shower or bath chair allows you to rest your injury while you bathe, without needing assistance. With this device, you can heal properly while still maintaining your comfort in the shower.

For Seniors

As we age, standing for long periods of time may become for difficult. A shower or bath chair can extend the amount of time that seniors can live on their own. Many seniors do not wish to enter assisted living, and a device like this can help them maintain their independence for much longer than without. Often, adaptive equipment is more affordable and more comfortable for seniors than assisted living.

When you are in need of a custom bath chair, Custom Wheelchairs USA is here for you. We provide in-home consultations to all of our clients to ensure that our equipment meets your exact needs. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation.