Pediatric Wheelchairs

Improve the mobility and freedom of your child. One of the biggest problems faced by children with special needs and mobility problems is the lack of freedom they have. Due to their condition, they find it difficult to participate in everyday activities. Even the simplest of tasks such as getting to school or moving around the playground presents a challenge. However, with a specially designed pediatric wheelchair, we get your child moving again. Schedule a consultation with CustomWheelchairs USA to find out more about getting a pediatric wheelchair in Metro NY.

The Joy of Independence & Convenience

Your child needs more than a standard wheelchair. Special needs wheelchairs are designed and manufactured for the specific mobility needs of your child. These products offer everything you need in regard to quality, affordability, style, and featured add-ons. In fact, our mobility equipment company is known for specializing in lightweight, compact-folding wheelchairs for children of all ages – from toddlers to teens.

Imagine your child participating in all kinds of daily activities whether at home, at school or at play. We design these mobility solutions to accommodate the special needs of kids dealing with health conditions like cerebral palsy and autism. This is a dream made possible by the services of CustomWheelchairs USA.

Contact us for more information about our customized pediatric wheelchairs. We proudly serve customers throughout the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.